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We always try to improve our services and value our clients' feedback.

Here is what some of our clients say about us.....

Pooja Lal

July 2023

I have never met a trainer who has whole hearted commitment to my health the way Aynur does. She is not only a trainer but has become a very dear friend who gives us personalised attention and advice across fitness training, nutrition and health. While Aynur has unmatched knowledge on fitness and exercise (especially what is important for women), she is also someone who has invested time and effort into our personal health beyond the gym.
Aynur and I worked on many strategies for my weight loss and we finally nailed it with what would work for me specifically. I lost 7 kgs in 10 weeks through a sensible approach to food and exercise. Something that I will continue as part of my healthy lifestyle. Aynur helped me change my relationship with food and my behaviour for the long term.
This was not a quick and dirty plan - this was a well thought out , well researched and one with consistent advice and motivation.
Aynur has an unbelievable ability to motivate just about anyone. She has an incredible understanding of people and behaviours/ motivations. She is very mindful of the clients she takes on and how they would gel with the others. She has built a beautiful community. Many clients I have seen have achieved their personal goals - building strength, stamina, losing weight, getting toned, etc.
I am also impressed that Aynur has completed further training and certification in pilates. Looking forward to that! Her Saturday morning classes are super fun and set us up for the week. We have weekly challenges with steps, food, water, sleep and so much more.
Her whatsapp group is most sought after, we look forward to her messages full of purposeful information and inspiration. Very very lucky to have her in our lives to support a strong healthspan for all of us. Thanks Aynur. We love you!!

Marianne Mapa

July 2022

I have been doing personal training with Aynur, leading up to my wedding in June. I have worked with multiple trainers before and she is by far the best trainer!! Aynur is full of energy, genuinely cares for her clients and has strong technical knowledge in both Pilates, HIIT, Resistance work, TABATA, boxing.. she is an all rounder - which makes every training day - a TONNE OF FUN!

It is has been an amazing experience working with her - her wholistic approach to nutrition, mental and physical training, has also helped me be fit and healthy enough to fall pregnant.


Yin Sin Sim

December 2021

Meeting Aynur have been life changing to me. In addition to fitness training, Aynur also guided me how to eat healthily. With her guidance and training, I have lost weight and feel a lot stronger and fresher. I would not hesitate at all to recommend her to anyone who needs a health/fitness coach.

Mandy Sinclair

April 2022

Aynur is an amazing trainer. She knows just how far to push you without overwhelming you. She works around injuries and makes sure the exercises aid in your recovery. Sessions are always varied and offer a great whole body workout. Her positive energy and encouragement is inspiring. Group sessions cater for all fitness levels. I can’t recommend Mindset-First Fitness enough. Try it - trust me you will not regret it.

Jayashree Ramesh

September 2021

I have been training with Aynur for over a year now. Every training is different and result oriented. I love the positive energy and the variation she brings. I feel refreshed and happy to see myself losing inches at the end of every term. My team is awesome to work and much different to a gym. Thank you Aynur for all your efforts. Keep up the good job.

Michelle Johnson

September 2021

I love attending the weekly workouts and the support I get from a distance by phone. Aynur sets achievable challenges to help me reach my goals and the accountability helps me stay on track. What a great community to be part of!

Samantha Grayson

September 2021

Aynur is an amazing fitness and lifestyle coach who really takes the time to get to know her clients and helps them set and achieve their personal goals. Training is always so much fun and you never feel intimidated as you are training with some amazing ladies. I always look forward to Saturday mornings knowing that I will leave feeling amazing. I would not hesitate recommending Mindset first training and can’t wait to get back to face to face training once lock down is over.

Manju Lavoji

August 2021

Training with Aynur has been a great experience in order to enhance my fitness journey and personal goals. She’s energetic and highly driven, always having a to do attitude whilst also wanting to bring change into her clients lives. These training sessions have pushed and challenged me to adapt and bring change into my own life through exercise, staying active and focusing on having a balanced diet. I definitely recommend her as a fitness coach as she creates a fun filled and motivating environment for everyone.

Philippa Morran

April 2020

I have been training with Aynur from Mindset First for a while now. This has been the making of me in regard to my fitness journey. Aynur’s knowledge and positivity to good health and over all wellbeing has been amazing. My training sessions always keep me interested as the sessions always well thought out and never monotonous. Anyone wishing to embark on a positive fitness and good healthy journey should definitely start with Mindset First.

Sandra Agudin

May 2020

Aynur is the best PT anyone can dream of. She is super energetic, encouraging, and passionate. Very knowledgeable about nutrition and spot on with the type of exercises you need to achieve your goal. I personally lost 5kg in 3 months by only exercising once or twice a week with her and following her nutrition guide. I highly recommend her.

Catrina Nel

August 2020

I haven’t done any style of training so starting out was a little daunting but with Aynur’s support and positivity I have really enjoyed it and am loving the results. Thanks Aynur

Nikki Steer

August 2020

My experience at Mindset-First Fitness has been one of a kind! Aynur is very caring and has an amazing attention to detail with each individual client. I have tried many programs over the years, but this is the first time I have felt empowered to make the right choices about my lifestyle and see the amazing results. There is no judgement, and you can move at your own pace. I would highly recommend this program.

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